The Osprey Series should never be compared or confused with the other "IP Video Boxes" being offered to Public Safety.

 We asked our engineers to "think outside the box" and come up with a 21st century discreet surveillance enclosure. Not only did they think outside the box...they got rid of it.

The above chart shows the Field Of View that the human eye sees.
 Effective remote IP video surveillance means an "unobstructed view"!

Our Patent Pending Osprey Disscreet Enclsoure gives your investigators a full 220 degrees of view....mimicing the human field of view shown on the above illustration. If the target moves, you could lose the evidence. The Osprey solves this issue. 

The Osprey Series is a suite of over 12 different models insuring that there is a solution to fit the mission and budget of any size agency!

Many promoise you that H.265 is coming! Ours is here!

Better streaming and storage can lower your operational cost!

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Built in Wi FI Server 

Our Osprey Raptor camera embedded within the Osprey's Nest is a standalone Wi Fi server. 

Powerful low light sensor that captures evidence  you eye can't see!

2 Megapixel HD resolution that captures razor sharp evidence.


The Osprey Enclsoure is made and assembled in Florida!

Family Owned and Operated Business. 

Training Included!

Tha'ts Right! It's in the price!

Don't think of it as a camera! Think of it as a "Force Multiplier" that monitors a target 24 hours a day!

Wide angle view of Osprey shown above, while bottom image shows 300 feet zoom to show license plate and subject for identification. 

Our goal was simple! Give our clients a small, smart and simple remote IP solution that leverages tomorrow's technology standards today!

The Osprey Series started out on a blank sheet of paper and was designed by video and enginering professionals with over 120 years of law enforcement video expertise. The result is a discreet,modular and advanced digital evidence gathering platform.

  • Patent Pending Discreet Outdoor Enclosure with 220 degrees of unobstructed pan view that insures you capture the evidence if the target or subject moves. Not blocked view by the corner of your boxed enclosures.
  • Choice of models from low cost remote viewing only versions to advanced FirstNET Ready models.
  • Embedded law enforcement grade FieldAGENT network DVR that is available in 4 channel version that can support an additional 3 Osprey units via a Wi Fi or wired connection.  
  • The most advanced remote IP PTZ  video camea in it's class Built in SDD DVR, 4K HDMI outoput, Licence Free PC and Smart Device Apps and much more. 
  • Embedded Wi Fi and cellular modems in select models to insure remote connectivity. 
  • H.265 Encoder / Compressor enhances streaming and storage, in addition, save your agency money!
  • Powerful 30x Optical Zoom leap frogs the other 20x zooms being offered on the marketplace. More zoom means more evidence.
  • Additional 16X Digital zoom piggybacks on the 30X Optical to fully leverage the full power of the Osprey.
  • Auto Evidence Recovery Mode makes sure if there is a lost connection, the sytstm wil record to the local SSD recorder and send the evidence you missed to  your server for review and backup. 
  • 24 / 7 / 365 training and support - Built in the price - When you buy our platform, you get our expert support and service. We created a knowledge bank of video based, self paced, training modules that allow ANY one in your staff with credentials to access and learn the Osprey operation. 
  • Supports up to 20 individual remote viewers secured by password credentials.
  • Custom exterior colors that aid in creating a stealth prsence at the surveillance site. We can color match any Pantone color or do custom looks such as : camoflage.
  • Built in camera SSD recorder that supports up to a 256 SD Card for local recordings. 
  • Pre and Post Event recording insure you secure the evidence that happened before activating the RECORD mode.
  • Face Detection and Heat Mapping features expands the standard motion dectection that today's cameras offer.
  • Missing or added object detection sensor.
  • Covert listening option with external microphone.
  • Enclosure Heat / Cool Module with remote power On / Off Cycling feature. 
  • Warranty / Support Upgrades from standard 12 month to 36 month programs. 
  • Cloud based multi media / multi language training knowledgeBASE gives step by step operatinal training ,as well as, general technical training on IP video subjects. 

The Osprey Remote IP Video Surveillance Series comes with a robust monitoring software that can support a single location or a whole network of cameras.

No license fees! It's included in the price! Including Apps for Andriod and iOS smart devices. 

Monitor the surveillance from anywhere in the world via any Andriod or iOS smart device. 

A powerhouse of a digital video recorder that comes in both a POE and non POE version. Supports up to 4 channels. 

Osprey's own network recorder

Not only is it small! It's probably the smartest little network DVR you've encountered. It's loaded with features that make it a powerful core in the platform. The FieldAGENT can manage video from a total of 4 IP cameras connected on the network. 

We intergrated FirstNET ready components with our Osprey 

Our 6000 Series is ready to deploy with FirstNET certified connecitity. 

A word about training and support!

It's included in our base price! 

We know you want someone ready to support and train your operators, so we build a cloud based, multi media based, multi language portal that allows 24/7/365 access. Your staff can learn at their own pace and send questions to our support staff for additional direction and support. 

Our "Osprey Upgrade" Program will transform your existing box!

Subject to your system components being compatible

Need to upgrade all your existing units to conform to the new Osprey's you're adding. We can help bring your existing units to Osprey enclsoures. Only certain models are compatible so call for a quote. 

Custom color Opsrey Outdoor Enclosures

Just give us a Pantone Color and we'll quote you on a custom enclosure that makes your Osprey face into the background


One of our team members is ready to review your specific needs and prepare a custom quotaton for the best solution