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" Inventor George Carney invented the first swing type handcuffs in 1912. This design was revolutionary, as it made it possible for a law enforcement officer to quickly secure the cuffs with just one hand, greatly improving security and ease of use." Since then, there has not been a lot of innovation.....until  now!


Introducing the ResponderSMART 

Auto Deployment Handcuff Key

Click on above image to watch video

This is without a doubt one of the best investments you'll make in 2017. We've offering a special introductory price to help get the word out about this incredible new tool. Order one for yourself or outfit members of your unit or agency with this innovative new auto deployment handcuff key.

 Our Regular
Special Offer Price
Purchase up to 3 additional pair at low, low price of 
$24.95 each.
Great for
Patrol Operations
Tactical / SWAT Units
K-9 / Bike / Motor Units
Corrections / Jailers
Court Bailiffs
Plainclothes / Investigators
Command Staff
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